Carbonate Critical Zone Research Coordination Network



    • Further transdisciplinary and collaborative science to aid the understanding of carbonate-rich Critical Zones.
    • Foster a diverse and inclusive community of students and investigators.



      • Improve understanding of how carbonate and silicate minerals may cause different CZ properties and processes.
      • Identify critical knowledge gaps and develop forward-looking research questions.

Broader impacts

      • Attract and develop an interdisciplinary group of scholars and students.
      • Build capacity in state of the art techniques used to study carbonate Critical Zones.
      • Increase the number of scholars and researchers from underrepresented groups.



Upcoming events

Karst Waters Institute Frontiers in Karst Colloquium

Seminar 1 (Wednesday, February 24): Weathering of rock to regolith: The activity of deep roots in bedrock fractures
8 am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 5 pm Central European / 11 pm China
Dr. Elizabeth Hasenmueller (St Louis University)

Attendance is free and open to anyone. Prior to attending the seminar, you must register at the following link and further details will be sent to your email.

We are hiring!

Grad Student Consultant for Data Tools

The Carbonate CZ RCN is looking for a graduate student to summarize available tools for data processing in our community

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