To facilitate interactions among carbonate CZ investigators, the Carbonate CZ RCN will convene two types of workshops: multi-day field workshops and gatherings at disciplinary conferences.

Field workshops supported through the RCN occur across a gradient of age, climate, and lithological characteristics.  Each have distinct purposes and outcomes (see table below).  Workshops are interdisciplinary and include geology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, ecology, and microbiology among others.

Field Workshop Date Location Outcomes
1 Aug 3 - Sept 29, 2020 Virtual * Discussions of CZ themes; develop Working Groups; organize workshop products
2 April 4-6, 2022 Florida Gathering of Working Groups for continued face to face discussion, data analyses, and writing, and development of additional themes and Working Groups
3 May 16-19,  2023 Arkansas Provide a space for the Working Groups to advance the compilation and analysis of legacy datasets and the development of review papers and other outputs

* In light of disruptions from COVID-19, the field workshop that was planned for August 2020 in Pennsylvania was postponed. Instead, we hosted a series of virtual sessions as a way to initiate the original workshop program, provide a networking opportunity and develop the next four years of the RCN activities.

Conference workshops are convened at national meetings and focus on disciplinary aspects within carbonate CZs.

TrainingWorkshops that have a training component for graduate and undergraduate students.

    • Possible topics include data sources, programming tools, monitoring (hydrologic and ecosystem), and modeling techniques.
    • Training modules are available for download to expand their use in education of new investigators.