Data Portal



The Carbonate CZ RCN data portal will facilitate access to extant and new data housed on Hydroshare, as well as other websites that may contain carbonate CZ data. Through extant data compilation the Carbonate CZ RCN aims to facilitate the discovery of data gaps, promote critical science questions to be developed, and through data synthesis, identify commonalities among carbonate CZs. Through data compilation and easy accessibility we also aim to foster collaboration among carbonate CZ investigators.

Types of data

The types of data will include site characteristics which can be compiled from existing datasets in published peer-reviewed and grey literature, as well as monitoring, observational, and model data that reside with individual investigators. Monitoring and observational data include high frequency time series, point measurements, tracer tests, and geophysical surveys. Constituents include chemical (e.g., solute and isotope compositions), physical (e.g., temperature and flow rates), and biological (stygobitic species lists, gene lists). Mapped data are also available, including land use, geomorphic characteristics, and hydrostratigraphy.