Field Workshops

Table 4.  Tentative schedule for field workshops
Day   Event Event agenda
1 E* Plenary ice breaker Scope of RCN; meeting logistics
2 M,A Field trip Travel to sites characteristic of the region.  Field trip will include presentation of findings at sites within the region
E Plenary session Two presentation (max); results of regional research
3 M Breakout sessions Divide group by discipline based on primary interest.  Integration of region-specific disciplinary characteristics
A Plenary session Report from breakout leaders of discussion results
E Training Training in CZ research
4 M Breakout session Discussion and development of new region-specific and disciplinary research questions
A Plenary session Finalize integration of disciplinary research questions
E Training Training in CZ research
5 M Steering committee Write formal notes of workshop findings to go into report
*M – morning; A – afternoon; E – evening