2022 SACNAS NDiSTEM Conference Field Trip (program)

Puerto Rican caves: exploring the intersection between culture, ecology, and geology
October 29, 2022


Overview: During this trip we will explore the significance of caves and other karst features for Boricuas by visiting 3 caves located in Las Cabachuelas Natural Reserve (LCNR).  The trip will incorporate elements from geology, hydrology, ecology, archaeology, and society.

Location: We will visit 3 culturally-relevant caves: Estancita, Buruquena, and Los Gemelos caves located in Las Cabachuelas Natural Reserve (LCNR). LCNR is a cave system that encompasses the municipalities of Morovis and Ciales, one hour east of San Juan.  The caves are situated in the Lares Formation, a chalky limestone with an age of 34 million years. In addition, many caves in LCNR suggest continuous anthropogenic activity dating back to 400 B.C.E.

We will use Las Cabachuelas COOP as the group that will be leading us and providing security, equipment, and interpretation


Who should attend: This field trip aims to provide an opportunity for students (and early career scientists) to experience an inclusive field trip based on the geosciences, but with intersections with other disciplines that can be of their interests. The field trip will be open for all SACNISTAS interested in ecology, policy, social sciences, and hydrology.


What to expect: This field trip will involve easy to moderate amount of exercise.  We suggest using long sleeves and pants, along with closed toe shoes.  Helmets and headlamps will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own light.  All the caves we will visit are dry. If possible, bring clean clothes along, we will have the space and time to change. While on the vans we will request participants to wear a mask to reduce exposure to covid. N95 masks will be provided onsite. Please bring your water bottle to reduce the waste we produce at this field trip (we will have water to refill). Lunch and snacks will be provided.


Proposed Itinerary 
10:40 - Meet at the entrance of the Convention Center (Level I), San Juan
10:50 - Load vans and depart
11:40 - Arrival to Morovis
11:40 -12:10 - Lunch (provided) 
12:10 - 12:30 -Instructions and equipment is distributed 
12:30 - 15:30 - Interpreted Tour 
15:30- Snack break (provided)
16:00- Load vans and depart 
16:50 - Arrival to the Convention Center, San Juan

Meet the team


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